Welcome to Sustainable Mail U.S.!

If you are visiting our website, you are likely a sustainability leaderĀ  providing environmental programs for your organization.

Here’s an innovative service to help your company lead in sustainability solutions! The campus mail center is often overlooked as a powerful place to reduce paper waste and bring your organization closer to Zero Waste.

Our Stop Junk Mail for Good Service is the nation’s leader in stopping physical junk mail in large businesses. We work with a proprietary software program in partnership with Catalog Choice (owned by Story of Stuff). Our system efficiently communicates directly with the specific person who manages the mailing lists at trade and retail magazines, direct mail catalogs, professional conferences, etc.

Environmental Savings Metrics – Our service easily integrates into existing mailroom operations. In addition, we measure resource savings each time we take a current or past employee off a mailing list. Each month we provide metrics showing savings in adult trees, water, greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste.

Free Home Opt-Out Service for Employees – To maximize environmental benefits and give an added value to staff, we create a custom website with your company logo for your employees to easily stop their unwanted junk mail at home. Environmental savings from employee home opt-outs are tracked separately from corporate mailroom savings. Combined, the two environmental numbers can have a significant in saving precious resources upstream.

Our Mission

We are a mission-driven woman-owned enterprise business dedicated to helping minimize our collective impact on the planet while giving companies a cost-effective solution to reduce costs in the mailroom. Benefits include:

  • Stop 2/3 of junk mail the mailroom is currently receiving
  • Save money on paper recycling and hauling costs
  • Lower mailroom and administrative staff Time
  • Increase your company’s sustainability
  • Obtain metrics for Annual Reports and Sustainability Updates.

How We Can Help Your Company

Our Sustainable Mail service combines a highly effective technology with an Opt-Out Team of environmentalists who handle each piece individually and are dedicated to protecting trees, water and our climate. We have a track record of success across industries — including aerospace, communications, energy production, healthcare, universities, municipalities, and the pharmaceutical arena.

If you’re ready to go the next mile in your organization’s environmental stewardship, we look forward to hearing from you!

For More Information:

Neshama Abraham
Director, Stop Junk Mail for Good Program
Boulder, CO USA
303-413-8252 (O); 303.596.4628 (M)