How The Program Works

Stop Junk Mail for Good is the nation’s leading program to efficiently reduce physical junk in the corporate mailroom while measuring environmental savings. Our service is remarkably simple yet effective. Here’s how it works … 

1) The mailroom team removes the cover pages of unwanted catalogs and magazines showing the sender and receiver info

2) Places junk mail pieces into a standard shipping box, and

3) Mails the box to our Boulder, Colorado processing center.

Our dedicated Opt-Out Team uses a highly efficient proprietary software to individually remove current and past employees from direct mail lists.

We only take employees off mailing lists you provide us, and we do not share staff information with any other source. 

Environmental Metrics

As we remove employees off direct mail lists, our proprietary software tracks environmental savings. Each month we provide our customers with metrics of saved greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, mature trees, water, and solid waste (please see below).

Resource savings numbers are measured by the non-profit organization Environmental Paper Calculator. For more info about how environmental savings are calculated, please download: How The Paper Calculator works.

Custom Website

To manage your opt-outs, we create a custom website to process opt-outs and communicate directly with the mailing list manager at direct mail companies. In addition, we provide a FREE online platform with your organization’s logo for your employees to stop their unwanted junk mail at home and measure saved resources.